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Archivaldo is here !!

Knowing Archivaldo

Archivaldo (ver 1.7) is the FREE file archiver for the rest of us, where you can pack, extract, delete, password protect, search and share all your files in a compact binary file system called ARA (Archivaldo Resource Archive). The ARA file is a file system with the capacity to accommodate theoretically unlimited numbers of files, of any size or type ( jpg, gif, avi, mpg, ogg, mov, txt, mp3, mp3, acc, doc, iso, etc) only limited by the free space available in your hard disk or storage device. Also you can add or remove files from your Archivaldo archive at any time, Archivaldo will contract or expand dynamically the archive depending on your needs.

The ARA file is a 100% binary file, and because of that characteristic can be stored, modified, saved, readed & transmitted by any host system without data loss or its functionality in the process.

Where I can download Archivaldo ?

You can download Archivaldo from several of the most renombred Mac software distribution sites:

MacUpdate MayorGeek cnet

Using Archivaldo

Using this App its very simply, you have a window with a table view where you can visualize the files archived, and above this you have a toolbar with operations that you can execute, like create a new ARA archive, open an existing ARA archive, pack, extract & delete files from the archive, cancel the tasks queue (where for example you can stop a huge batch tasks like packing thousands audio files). Also you can add password protection, share the archive through email, print the file list, etc. In the bottom of the Archivaldo window you can find useful info like the number of files archived, the data total size (in bytes, kilo bytes, mega bytes and giga bytes), and in the right lower corner a tiny padlock icon that shows if the ARA file is editable or not (locked /unlocked).

How looks an Archivaldo archive ?

Archivaldo lays his beautiful eggs in the form of Kiwis !!

Packing files

First and foremost create or open an existing Archivaldo Archive, then press the "Pack" button in the toolbar (or select this operation from the main menu in the "Tasks" section). Select the files from the panel showed and press "Open", note that you can select whole directories, archivaldo will add all your files nested in single or multiple level directories. Then Archivaldo will show progress info about the tasks queue right above the files listing. Note that almost all toolbar items are grayed out (deactivated), the only one active while the tasks queue are running is the "Cancel Tasks" button (more on that later).

Extracting files

Select the rows with the files that you want to extract from the table view , then press the "Extract" button from the toolbar (or select this operation from the main menu in the "Tasks" section). An open dialog will appear where you can select the destination for the extracted files. You can also extract the files pressing the right click mouse button (or with the two fingers tap in the trackpad) on the selected rows for show the contextual menu.

Deleting files

Follow the same steps of the extracting process (selecting "Delete" of course). Note that the deleting and shrinking process can be slow or fast depending on the ARA archive size and the location of the file to be removed in the archive hierarchy.

Cancel tasks

With this feature you can stop the execution of the current tasks queue, for instance, if you have a tasks queue of 1000 items being packaged in the ARA archive you can press the "Cancel Tasks" toolbar button or its menu item equivalent (in the "Tasks" section) at any time. Note that the current executing task WILL BE NOT stopped, if you cancel the queue in the operation 500 this operation will be performed and completed, only the ones queued below will be removed (501 to 1000), and for that reason NEVER brute force the currently executing task before his completion (extracting, deleting or packing) because your ARA archive can be damaged or corrupted and not be able to work anymore.

Searching your files

With an Archivaldo archive with more than seven thousands files and 6.7 GB of data the task of find what you want can be difficult, but with the powerful and very fast Archivaldo search engine you can find that file in a blink of eyes, simply put the words in the toolbar search field and Archivaldo will refresh the table view in real time showing only the files that comply with your search criteria, all fast, all easy.

Password protect your archive

You can password protect your ARA archive for keeping your files secure and not avaliable for strangers. Just press the "Password" toolbar button or select the option "Password Protection ..." from the "File" menu, then you can set or remove the password protection for the archive. If you press the "New password" button a new window will show with two text fields where you have to write the new password. The password can contain any alphanumeric character with a maximun lenght of 15 chars, remeber to write the same text in each field.

When you try to open or set the password options from a protected archive you will be prompted for the password, if the attempt is successful you will view the files packed in the archive, if not, you only will be allow to view the restricted interface. Note the tiny key icon located in the right lower corner of the app window, this icon shows if the ARA archive is protected or not.

Sharing your ARA archive

You can send your ARA archive to your Dropbox account, simply pressing the Dropbox icon in the toolbar or selecting the option "Send to Dropbox ..." from the "File" menu, then you have to autorize Archivaldo to link with Dropbox, the file will be uploaded to the folder "/Apps/Archivaldo" in Dropbox. Also You can email your ARA archive pressing the "Share" button from the toolbar, Archivaldo will automatically add the archive to a new mail, please remember to include a valid destination mail address.

Archivaldo preferences

You can modify the preferences selecting the option from the Archivaldo main menu, or including the option in your main toolbar. In the "Interface Settings" you can activate or deactivate the Archivaldo interface sounds while in the "Engine Settings" you can choose the buffer size of the Archivaldo pack/extract/delete engine, the default value is the recommended one but you can play with several buffer sizes seeking performance gains, but watch out your available ram memory !!!

Updating Archivaldo

In the first run of the App you can choose if you want to Archivaldo check automatically for updates (you will be informed when a new version are available), or manually selecting "Check for Updates …" from the Archivaldo main menu.

Is Archivaldo FREE ?

YES, Archivaldo is COMPLETELY FREE, but I have inverted a considerable time in its developing and I have to make money to make a living. Please, with your DONATION the future development of Archivaldo can be possible, you can donate a little bit and become a happy user (and make a happy developer :) You can donate at any time with any amount, you only have to select "Donate Here !!!" from the Archivaldo main menu:

Archivaldo EULA (End User License Agreement)

Archivaldo is protected by this Creative Commons License:

Licencia de Creative Commons
licencia de Creative Commons Reconocimiento-SinObraDerivada 3.0 Unported.

Bye and Thank You Very Much

Mario Gajardo Tassara The dad of Archivaldo and the Main Developer and CEO of littleAps Software.